• Mary Ellen Mark. Shane and Shawn Riggins, 29 years old, Shane older by 3 minutes,Twinsburg, Ohio, 2001.

    MARY ELLEN: From the time you were little children, were you really close? SHANE RIGGINS: We’ve always been close. We always knew that we always had each other, And I always tell other twins that. When I see little twins together, I always tell them that in this life, you always have each other, and to take core of each other and to always love each other. I tell every twin I see–those younger twins–that, “You always have each other.” There’s nobody in the world who will ever understand you or know the real you like your twin. Because the bond starts from conception, in the womb. You form that bond that no one else can ever share. It starts in the womb. I often tell Shawn, “I met you before our mother did; I know you.”

  • shihlun:

    One of the first pictures ever taken of the sun.

    Leon Foucault and Louis Fizeau, 1845

  • Toshio Shibata. Shimogo Town, Fukushima Prefecture, 1990